Oban's Local Energy Plan

Oban’s Local Energy Plan: What’s it all about?

The Local Energy Plan (LEP) enables the local community to look at its existing and future energy needs in terms of power, heat and transport and sets out where it sees priorities for action. It then identifies opportunities that could help to address these priorities and when implemented could see benefits for both individuals and the community of Oban well into the future. In developing this LEP, a number of engagement activities have been carried out in Oban in order to offer members of the community a chance to share their opinion, which helped to shape the plan. These activities identified three main priorities that individuals want to see tackled by Oban’s Local Energy Plan:

  • Cheaper energy bills
  • Warmer homes that are better insulated
  • Increased local energy generation

In terms of any proposed energy projects, individuals wanted those projects to be prioritised in order to deliver local benefits relating to:

  • Lower fuel poverty
  • Reduction in electricity prices
  • Increased local energy generation

Oban's Local Energy Plan was funded through the COBEN project. This consists of six separate pilot projects with a community energy focus which are being delivered across the EU North Sea Region. One of these pilots is based in the Highland and Islands of Scotland to develop four local energy plans for local areas within the region. We are delighted that Oban was selected as one of the four energy plans (along with Drumnadrochit near Inverness, Brae in Shetland, and Barra and Vatersay in the Western Isles). Oban’s Local Energy Plan has now been complete and is available for public distribution.

A copy of the Oban Local Energy plan can be accessed here and a short summary of the plan is also available.

How to get involved?

Perhaps you're part of a local community group who'd be interested in getting involved or hearing more about Local Energy plans, check out the Local Energy Scotland guide or contact us, or at enquiries@alienergy.org.uk