Community Renewables & Local Energy Economy

Having reached the 500 MW of community owned renewable energy generation three years ahead of schedule, the Scottish Government has set new targets of 1 GW of operational community and locally owned renewable energy capacity by 2020, and 2 GW by 2030. The revised targets are accompanied by further commitment from Scottish Government to support community and locally owned renewable energy projects.

There are many benefits of community and locally owned energy schemes:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improving energy security
  • Supporting the local economy and creates jobs
  • Keeping the profits generated within the community
  • Re-connecting people with how energy is generated and how they consume it
  • Increasing public acceptance of renewable energy schemes

For more information on initiatives visit Community Energy Coalition and check out the community benefits map at Local Energy Scotland.  Other social and economic benefits of community and local energy schemes are detailed in the National Trust’s report.

If you're interested in developing a renewable energy project in our area, get in touch on 01631 565183 or 

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