5 July 2022

STEM Days in Industry for Successful School Applicants

Building on our 2021 short film ‘STEM Journeys in Argyll’, an exciting and related follow-up project is nearing completion with a new video now at the editing stage. 

As part of the excellent partnership working arrangements with Developing the Young Workforce in Argyll (DYW) and the schools and local council departments, Education Officers at ALIenergy helped organise a series of memorable work experience days in the project’s target area during March and April. The offer of the STEM Day in Industry gave senior high school pupils from Campbeltown, Lochgilphead and Tarbert the opportunity to combine their employability skills and interest in STEM by applying for one of the visits.

Working closely with four of many companies operating in Mid-Argyll and Kintyre with staff in STEM-related roles, the project culminated in 12 successful applicants spending a hands-on day in a real STEM workplace. This meant not only finding out more about what the company does, but also how STEM knowledge and skills are integrated into its operations.

ALIenergy was enormously grateful for the time and support provided by the four companies who opened their doors to the young people taking part: Hendrix Genetics, MacLeod Construction Limited, Renewable Parts and funders ScottishPower Renewables.

It's great to be able to share the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from the pupils and the companies. For some of those pupils taking part, the experience has gone even further with several offers of internships and at least one apprenticeship resulting from the visits. ALIenergy and DYW are looking forward to launching the video capturing these STEM Days in Industry. More details will be announced soon.

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