Sharing Good Practice on the European Stage

As part of the CEES project Spring Tour a number of the partners took part in the Good Energy Conference in Zagreb, Croatia.

The event was attended by delegates from all across Europe, where they heard about the European vision of energy communities (EC), expectations, objectives and the practicalities of starting and managing an EC. A significant consideration for development of ECs is the impact they can have in helping to alleviate energy poverty, even more so recently due to the current energy crisis. 

ALIenergy’s COO, Rachel McNicol, presented details on the professional referral system developed by ALIenergy.  This mechanism helps to identify and engage with people who are experiencing energy poverty, particularily those vulnerable and hard to reach households, by liaising with other support organisations or health professionals. ALIenergy provides training for frontline workers to give an understanding of energy poverty and how to recognise its' signs, plus effective ways to initiate dialogue with those struggling in fuel poverty.  The referral system also enables easier access to other services and service providers relevant to the household’s situations and needs. It can be a vital way to establish first contact and begin matching needs to available services. This network referral system has become part of the Energy Solidarity Toolkit, which is the powerful new resource developed within CEES to empower energy communities in their fight against energy poverty.