STEM Education activity 2022/23

Day In Industry 

ALIenergy's Education Officers extended their collaboration with Developing the Young Workforce Argyll (DYW) to deliver an exciting STEM work experience opportunity for senior phase students at the three high schools in our main project area of Mid Argyll and Kintyre. 

With further support coming from DYW partners, key schools contacts and Argyll and Bute Council, we initiated a project which enabled a group of young people from Argyll to put into real world practice a range of employability skills, simply by applying for a Day in Industry. The skills they used ranged from an online application form and interview process with all the challenges that this can involve. For the ten successful applicants the process culminated in the chance to spend hands-on time in a STEM-related workplace, seeing at first hand the realities of putting STEM knowledge and expertise into practice. This fantastic opportunity could only have been made possible thanks to the agreement of STEM businesses around the area: Hendrix Genetics LandcatchMacLeod Construction LimitedRenewable Parts and ALIenergy's funders for our work in education, ScottishPower Renewables. Company contacts supported the team's efforts to make sure that each work experience day allowed the young people to develop a better and more real understanding at first-hand of how the company they visited works and the different ways in which STEM skills are integrated into its operations.

The selection process concluded with the following successful applicants taking part in these uniquely memorable days in STEM industries:

  • Andrew Brodie, Ryan Conley, Niall Huie McCallum, and Lorne Paterson from Campbeltown Grammar School;
  • Joseph Hubbard, Archie MacColl Smith, Murray MacDonald and Campbell Shaw from Lochgilphead High School; and
  • Sophie Joy Denis, Christopher Sinclair and Guthrie Scott from Tarbert Academy.

The project was encapsulated in local videographer Kenny McLay's creation of an excellent video (available here and above on this page) capturing the days themselves. Published on our website and YouTube channel in late 2022, the film and the project more widely provide another example of the many ways in which ALIenergy develops collaborative partnerships and helps strengthen ties between local STEM-related workplaces and schools in this part of Argyll. In a few cases, as the video shows, it also shows how the project can lead to further opportunities for the young people who took part, providing them with important next steps to make the transition from education into the workplace.

Summer shows

July and August of 2022 also saw the welcome return of opportunities for the Education team to be out and about again around the Mid-Argyll and Kintyre area for summer shows which had been paused as a result of the COVID pandemic. These events are a great opportunity to give people of all ages a chance to engage with STEM activities that form a part of what the project offers.

It was great to raise awareness of what we do, especially by giving visitors of all ages a chance to try out our resources, activities and art competition on offer for the day, including the newly refurbished dynamo bike.

Schools workshops programme

Supported through the delivery of two pop-up events during S1s pupils' transition week, ALIenergy delivered workshops in November 2022 at the three target high schools. With so much focus on increasing energy costs, we incorporated the dynamo bike once again to highlight some of the challenges around the generation and consumption of energy. 

To strenghten activity going forward the end of 2022-23 also saw extensice work to revisit and update the content of ALIenergy's STEM Workbook. This popular feature of project delivery in recent years, built on the positive responses to it to date and responded to feedback from pupils and schools by revisiting the idea of a ‘STEM@Home’ style to create a versatile, and cost-effective resource suitable for STEM learning at home, or in school and made available to all P7 pupils as they neared their transition to S1 later on in the summer of 2023 (190 in total)

For these enquiries or any more information on our project activity across Mid Argyll and Kintyre, please take a look at the Contact us and e-mail the Education Officers directly or contact the office on 01631 565183 or

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