School and family events 2018/19

Pop-up STEM days

In early April 2019 Katie and Michael were at various locations in the Mid Argyll and Kintyre area offering a series of pop-up STEM career days. As well as taking part in a variety of fun and interactive challenges, vistors had the chance to find out about employers in the local area who give opportunities for young people through employment and apprenticeships schemes. There was also information on different training alternatives open to young people, focusing on course providers in Argyll & Bute and around Scotland. Our STEM pop-up day poster gives a flavour of what the 70+ visitors to the venues got to experience and enjoy. 

Out and about in the summer break 

The 2018 school summer holidays saw Katie and Michael taking stands at three different family events that are held annually in the area. These provided visitors with opportunities to learn more about energy and spend time experimenting with a range of science equipment and different types of energy activities. Our dynamo bike in particular proved to be a very popular feature. This was connected up to charge two light bulbs and helped those with the energy to try it feel how hard they had to work to produce enough power for a non-eco bulb compared to a more efficient one. Working with families meant tailoring the time and interests people of all ages had with what was available and among the 350+ who spent time at a stand, there were a number who stayed for quite some time, or came back a few times during the day. It was great to get such a positive response not to mention some great entries for the art competition which ran over the three events.

Working with schools

In May/June 2018 ALIenergy Education Officers, Katie and Michael worked closely with schools in our target area of Kintyre and Mid Argyll to contribute to the success of their transition weeks for the new intake of pupils moving from primary to secondary education for the 2018/19 school year. This is a really important stage for pupils and schools so workshops were devised which gave those who took part a chance to work in groups with new classmates from different primary schools, as well as an introducing them to the science of energy and giving them hands-on time working with a wide range of activities to support their learning about energy issues and technologies. The sessions were delivered in May and June 2018 and reached all the new S1s for Campbeltown Grammar School, Lochgilphead Joint Campus and Tarbert Academy. Feedback showed that these were engaging, interactive and fun sessions, with positive learning outcomes for all the young people who attended, as well as from teaching staff who were able to join them.

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